Free to play warrior Hearthstone deck

This article is about a low cost deck which can be used to play ranked games in a card game called Hearthstone developed by Blizzard.

This low cost(only three rare cards in it, i consider a deck free to play if there are no epic or legendary cards in it) deck is for new players, who want to play ranked games. Getting to rank 10 shouldn't be a problem with these cards, the limit with this deck is around rank 5, where you would need to swap few cards for more stronger ones (epics, legendaries).

The Deck

Execute x 2
Whirlwind x 2
Acidic Swamp Ooze
Bloodsail Raider
Cruel Taskmaster x 2
Fiery War Axe x 2
Frothing Berserker x 2
Harvest Golem
Shield Block x 2
Warsong Commander x 2
Arathi Weaponsmith x 2
Chillwind Yeti
Kor'kron Elite
Sen'jin Shieldmasta x 2
Arcanite Reaper x 2
Silver Hand Knight
Argent Commander
Boulderfist Ogre
Stromwind Champion

Key Combos

1. Warsong Commander - Frothing Berserker - Whirlwind
This is an amazing combination if your opponent has several cards on the board. Playing Warsong Commander first ensures that Frothing Berserker gets charge. Using whirlwind after that ensures a massive damage buff to the berserker. This combo costs seven mana.


Warsong Commander - Any minions with 3 or less attack

Similar to the above, use this combo to give charge to your cards. I want to note that though, playing Harvest Golem is especially good with Warsong Commander, because even the damaged golem receives the charge. So basically this allows you to remove a four health threat from the board immediately.

3. Whirlwind/Slam/Cruel Taskmaster - Execute
This combo can be called, "Removing bigs". If you need to draw cards, use slam. If you need board presence, use Cruel Taskmaster.

4. Warsong Commander - Bloodsail Raider
This is considering, you have a weapon. Very strong combo, because the charge applies before the damage buff from weapon. So with Fiery War Axe you will have a 5/3, with Arcanite Reaper a 7/3 Bloodsail Raider with charge, so it even can remove high value minions from the board.

Playstyle against rush decks

Against rush decks you will want to remove the threats from the table as soon as possible. There are several cards that can help you with this, Fiery War Axe or Slam for example. Usually these rush decks place a lot of cards on the board, so look for the Frothing Berserker - Whirlwind combo early in the game. Later game, your big minions like the ogre should win the game for you.

Playstyle against lategame decks

Try to put on early game pressure on your opponent with placing minions on the board and with killing anything that comes on the board with your removals. You should be ahead before lategame, by dealing constant damage with your minions. It's important to keep both executes to use them on strong, high value  targets(for exmaple an ironbark protector) later in the game.

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