How to build a strong base, protect loots, and raid in clash of clans.

Building strong base is Clash of Clans

How to's in playing clash of clans. This is based on experiences only. This may not work for others.

In this article I will be discussing on how to build a strong base in clash of clans, how to build, how to use it, how to defend it, how to protect your loots, how to gain more loots, how to raid to get more loots, troops variants and many more. This article solely based on my experiences while playing clash of clans. I have been playing for about a year now and currently my town hall is level 8.

I have planned to maxed it out (town hall) before upgrading my town hall to level 9. I have found out that rushing your town hall in this game is a big mistake especially when it comes to clan wars. Building a strong base in this kind of game is a kind of tricky. You cannot tell if your base is strong until you are seeing replays of it in action.

And you can't tell if your troops are strong enough until you are using them in a raid or clan war.

The first thing that you are going to do is maxed out all of your structures or troops before upgrading your town hall to the next level, if you rushed it you'll be pawned easily especially in clan wars. Not just structures, make sure to upgrade your walls too. Put your storages inside the walls together with your defenses, pay attention to your storages if you are protecting your loots. Make sure it is well covered by your overlapping defenses.

A good piece of advice when you are looting is to put your town hall outside your walls. In this strategy you'll always be able to get free 12 hours of shield because of too many town hall snipers in this game, town hall snipers basically looking for town hall to snipe for the purpose of trophy pushing and easily winning the game because destroying an enemy town hall will give you one star and win the attack.

If you want to gain more loots instead of trophy I do suggest to use the combination of archers and barbarians while raiding. In this strategy and troops composition you'll be able to gain more loots because it is cheap and fast to train. Make sure to look for bases that have good amount of loots. Using this troop combination will not make you always win a raid but I guarantee it that your loots will be good.

If you are going to use archers and barbarians in raiding (looting) make sure to attack only the collectors or miners or storages do not spend much of your time attacking other structures. If the storages are all inside the wall you have to destroy any obstructions to get into it. After you get all of the loots you can now end the battle. I always end the battle when I already got the loot, more troops left, less time to train, more frequent raid.

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