Shillong Teer And Khanapara Teer - Game of Luck

Shillong Teer And Khanapara Teer Result

Shillong Teer And Khanapara Teer - Game of Luck
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Hello friends, In this article I will let you know about teer game. When you google the word teer you will see the result shillong teer, khanapara teer result or guwahati teer or assam teer etc. So you can easily guess the origin of the game that is Northeast where the game is conducted. So friends read this article to know more about shillong teer and khanapara teer.

I was always thinking to write an article regarding teer. But that time I had not sufficient knowledge about the game. I started to research on various platform like facebook, local bookies, website etc and I finally discover the reality of the shillong teer khanapara teer result.

First I am giving an short introduction of the game then I will tell you reality of the game. Tir or Teer is a two digit number based game ( total 100 numbers from 00 to 99). It is played in two rounds (FR and SR) from monday to satureday. In shillong Khasi Hills Archery Sports Institute (KHASI) conducts the game by twelve participants clubs.

Except satureday individual club participate on each round and At satureday combine 12 clubs participate on both rounds. It’s like a shooting game where arrows (teers) are shooted. Basically shooting event is started before 20 or 25 minutes of declaration of result. First round (FR) result is declared at 4.00 pm or sometimes 4.15 pm. On the other hand second round (SR) result is declared at 5.00 pm or 5.15 pm sometimes. Between 00 and 99 anyone two digit number is to be declared as result of the respective round.

Main Fact of the Game: ]]

In teer game people predict number and bid money on that number. If that number is declared as result he/she will win 80 times of biding amount in case of FR. In case of  SR 60 times the biding amount. You can buy the ticket from licensed teer counter. Teer biding is legalized under state government of Meghalaya only.

How to predict or forecast teer number:

There are mainly two types of prediction one is mathematical calculation and another is dreaming prediction. Mathematical calculation consists of such formula based on previous results. Suppose yesterday played 87x10 today may be played their values or same in house and ending.

What value means in teer?

In shillong teer or khanapara teer result each number has values. For example, value of 0 is 5 and 0 itself. Similarly, 1 ó 6, 2 =7, 3=8, 4=9. Sometimes these formula can’t work. So this game is also called game of  luck.

Hope you understand the main fact of the game. If you have any question kindly write in comment section.

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