Simon's Cat Crunch Time Game Providing Great Fun For Anyone

Love cats? Love Games? Simon's Cat Crunch Time Could Be The One For You!

There are plenty of games out there to choose from but not all of them include cute cats, moles, foxes, and more. What you get from Simon's Cat Crunch Time is more than a simple game, but one with cute creatures and smart strategy.

If you look for games in Google Play Store, you will find oodles to choose from. Some are better than others, and some of the characters are more lovable than others. If you like Simon's Cat cartoon already, you will love the game.

This fun strategic game includes Simon's Cat and all of his friends. Of course, you will also find characters that like to tease the cat, like the mole. The fox, squirrel and other characters are there as well. As you progress along with the levels, you find all of them.

There are many levels to the game but there are other features too.

You can start tournaments with other players, play for extra treats and points, and much more. There is always something new on the go. This adds to the fun and to the competition, whether with yourself or with others.

Each level varies to some extent. Some of them are themed towards feeding the cats or giving them milk. Certain levels of Simon's Cat Crunch Time are an attempt at getting rid of the mole, the dog, the squirrel or whoever might be the villain at that time. It's all a lot of fun while using your brain to strategically accomplish the goal set for that level.

If you reach the goal, you are rewarded with between one and three stars. You can replay the level to improve your score if you'd like. If you fail the level, you can try again. You are given four lives to start with. If you run out of the four lives, you are given the chance to gain another one through using coins, watching an ad, or otherwise. The option to watch an ad is a nice one, allowing you to keep playing without using coins or using real cash.

This game is a lot of fun. The cute characters are great motivation for going back. You always want to keep feeding the cats or getting rid of the villains. It's a game suitable for anyone.

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