How to Earn Money on RuneScape by Woodcutting (P2p)

Woodcutting is one of runescape's major resource and gathering skills and is extremely popular in money making, below is the guide of how members can earn lots of money from the woodcutting skill.

Woodcutting is one of runescape's major resource and gathering skills and is extremely popular in money making, below is the guide of how members can earn lots of money from the woodcutting skill.

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This is the sequel to How to earn money on Runescape by Woodcutting (F2P) only this guide is for members, for the F2P version of this guide visit

Method 1-15- Normal Trees

This method is the same as the F2P guide but again this is an alright way to make money, you can decide where you would like to cut these trees but I would still suggest heading back to the Grand Exchange and running around the perimeter of the area, chopping the normal trees as you go. A full inventory of logs can equal 2k which is pretty good for a low level woodcutter but nothing comparing of what’s to come.

Method 15-30- Oak Trees

This is another free to play method but is still just as effective when you execute it in the Member side of the world. Oak trees can be located in many different areas such as near Seer’s Village, around Varrock and close to the Draynor Village Bank. These logs are in high demand due to the Construction skill and sell for around 50-100gp each so you are sure to make a good few thousand with each trip.

Method 30-45- Willow Trees

As I stated in the previous article, cutting willows is not the best way of earning cash but are usually in high demand because of the Fletching skill. They only sell for a few coins each but before you forget about this method, remember this method is a really good one for levelling up in woodcutting and the higher your woodcutting level the more money you can earn.

One of the most popular areas to cut Willow trees would be near Draynor Village bank but unfortunately this area is usually very crowded.

Method 45-60- Maple Trees

Now, this is the first real member’s only money making method. Although free players can buy maple logs from other players and the Grand Exchange to use in the firemaking skill you can now cut maple trees yourself. Maple trees are most commonly found near Seer’s Village and can be sold for 40-100gp each. Although you might think this is not that good, just hang on, in the next few levels you’ll be earning heaps of cash.

Method 60-75- Yew Trees

Although this method is a free player method, it is completed so much easily when you are a member and have access to a much larger world. Yew trees are found in the usual free player areas such as behind the Varrock Palace, near the entrance of Falador and near Edgeville but is also found in bulk at places like the Gnome Tree Stronghold or near Catherby and Seer’s village which are the common places for cutting yews as a member. Yew trees are in massive demand due to the fletching skill and sell for around 500gp each. It is recommended to have a Dragon Hatchet, as it is 5-10% faster at harvesting logs.

Method 75-99- Magic Trees

From woodcutting level 75 the best way of earning money is to move onto the next hard tree, these are called Magic trees and are quite rare and popular due to the fact that a single magic log can be sold for 1k meaning a whole inventory is around 30k, depending on the ever changing economy on the Grand Exchange. These trees can be found in a few locations such as in Zanaris and scattered around the Gnome Stronghold. Although it may take a good 6-10 minutes each inventory, they are a good business and pay very well.


Thank you for reading my guide to earning money on Runescape by woodcutting P2P, and I hope you now are armed with some useful strategies to earn some good money using the Woodcutting skill, if you are a free player or will become one soon, head to

Enjoy and Happy Money Making-Aurora1.

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