Cannot Switch Account in CLASH OF CLAN and CLASH ROYALE

Unable Switch Account in CLASH OF CLAN and CLASH ROYALE

This is an article on how to fix the error in CLASH OF CLANS and CLASH ROYALE wherein you cannot switch account.

Hi there everyon this is Jonathan. Today I am going to discuss about two of the most famous and most talked about games in the entire world. Two games that capture our imagination and makes a fun gaming experience online. These two games that I am going to talk about are CLASH ROYALE and CLASH OF CLANS.

Note: I do not endorse any of the commercial name cited in this article.

You guys probably be familiar with  CLASH ROYALE and CLASH OF CLANS, if you are not playing it maybe you have seen its commercial in America's Superbowl 50 last year (2016). Clash Royale even became game of the year of 2016 because of it's popularity, fun to play with, and its huge community bases accross the world. You can even find YouTube Channel dedicated to these games.


If I'm not mistaken SUPERCELL is based in Helsinki, Finland. Today gamers all around the world probably be familiar with CLASH ROYALE and CLASH OF CLANS. Clash of Clans is more commonly known as COC, and CLASH ROYALE is simply Royale I suppose.

Today these two games are the only games that I've installed in my mobile device because they are challenging, fun to play with.

But just recently I have stumbled into a problem wherein I cannot switch account on my CLASH ROYALE and CLASH OF CLANS. I kept on tapping the red "Disconnected" button on CLASH ROYALE and CLASH OF CLANS but to no available there was no response.

Because android is notorious on having unforeseen error base on my experiences on using it. My extinct tell me that something is wrong in either my CLASH ROYALE and CLASH OF CLANS, or with PLAY STORE, or with Google Play Games, and or with my Google Accounts.

I tried to clear all the data and cached of CLASH ROYALE and CLASH OF CLANS together with PLAY STORE, and Google Play Games. But still it did not fixed the problem.

If the problem is not fixed in clearing your data and your cached then you have to look for the settings of them all.

Alas, I stumbled upon the settings of my Google Play Games, the SIGN IN TO GAMES AUTOMATICALLY should be checked so that you will be able to sign-in and or switch account with your CLASH ROYALE and CLASH OF CLANS.

That's it again guys, if you did it you should be fine. Enjoy.

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