RuneScape Membership-is It Worth The Money?

It's a question that has run through everybody's mind who has ever played Runescape, Is Runescape Membership worth the price tag that comes with it?

It's a question that has run through everybody's mind who has ever played Runescape, Is Runescape Membership worth the price tag that comes with it?

Runescape, the number 1 free online game that has millions of members with new players subscribing each month, but is the cash worth the 1 month membership that you receive? As a Runescape player myself the prospect of membership crossed my mind and I debated with myself for several weeks and finally decided on trying out the membership feature of this game for 1 month as a sort of trial. As I didn't have to pay for this month myself. I was more than happy to give it a go so as my mother called the automotive Runescape membership machine I twiddled my thumbs as a thousand ideas of what to do when I became a member flooded my mind.

After a few short minutes my mother was off the phone and I logged on to Runescape eagerly, my heartbeat at 100 beats a minute. When I logged into a Runescape member server I was at the Grand Exchange, I quickly ran around and looked at the clothing and weapons the players were wearing. It didn't take me long to discover that Runescape Membership was much bigger than it first seemed with players selling items I had never heard of let alone used.

I was at a loss at what to do, I stood there for a few minutes wondering and then I trained a few new skills went to heaps of house parties which were lots of fun and explored new towns I'd never heard of. By the time I had done most of those things I had been playing for quite I while so I logged off for the time being.

Months later I would say I do not regret subscribing to Runescape even though I wasn't using my own money for the two months of membership that I purchased but that is one of the reasons of why I am writing this article, to earn some money on Triond.

A site where you can publish articles on nearly every subject there is for money, the other reason being to give advice to any Runescape players who might be considering the prospect of Runescape Membership. But before jumping the gun and heading to the Runescape homepage and subscribing here are a few tips that could help you make the right decision.

Chose the Right Time

Do not become a Runescape member when you are up to your neck in school work, your job or just too busy to play often, you only have 30 days so you should make sure you can get the most you can out of those 30 days. I have heard of people who have wasted their money by being so caught up in work that they forget to play but it is also important not to do the exact opposite, by spending time on Runescape when you would usually be using it for work purposes.

Know why you want to Subscribe

I know from experience it is hard to know what you are going to do first when you subscribe to become a Runescape member but it is best if you have a plan of tackling this new massive world. It is also good to know why you want to subscribe to become a member in the first place, is it the quests, the items, the skills or just the sheer size of the Member world, whatever reason, it is good to have one and if you are really not sure, it is good to trial 1 month of membership first and see if you like it.

In Conclusion All I can say is that I have enjoyed my two months of Runescape membership and am trying to earn a third month at maybe it could help you to make money as well. But in the end it is up to you on what you spend your money on so if you are a Runescape player who is considering Runescape membership take note of the above points and head to to purchase Runescape membership for yourself!

I hope you enjoyed my story and I hope I helped you make your decision-Aurora1

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