How to Earn Money on RuneScape by Woodcutting (FTP)

Woodcutting is one of Runescape's major resource skills and can be very profitible for the Woodcutter, below is my FTP Guide to make money on Runescape by Woodcutting.

Woodcutting is one of Runescape's major resource skills and can be very profitible for the Woodcutter, below is my FTP Guide to make money on Runescape by Woodcutting.

In case you’ve never heard of Runescape, it is the number 1 massive online multiplayer roleplaying game created by the UK gaming company Jagex and is home to millions of free players and millions more of members who are all paying around $10 a month for a long list of benefits such as new areas to explore, new skills to train and new quests to complete. To create a free account and begin your online gaming adventure head to

Making money on Runescape can be a difficulty but it is best to know how to do it, in this article will list ways of earning money from woodcutting, depending on your woodcutting level.

Level 1-15- Normal Trees

Obviously at level 1- 15 there really isn’t anything available for you to cut apart from the normal trees which don’t’ sell for much but can still earn you a little. These trees are found all around runescape and you shouldn’t be at a loss to find some, but I would say that the best place to chop them would be around the perimeter of the grand exchange. There is no shortage of trees here and you can make about 2-3k each inventory, I know this might seem like much, but this is about the only option you have at the moment.

Level 15-30- Oak Trees

Now that you have level 15 or above, you can now chop oak trees which are a bit more profitable than just ordinary trees. Outside the Grand Exchange there are always a few of these trees and so does Draynor Village so I suppose you can just choose your own area for this method, and just keep with it, a few levels from now you are going to be earning some real money.

Level 30-60- Willow Trees

I’ll be the first to admit that willow trees are not a very good source of income but they are a great power levelling method, with great amounts of experience until you can chop something a bit more valuable. There are several places to cut willows such as the Draynor Bank which is best to save up a lot in your bank, an area near lumbridge where you just simply drop all of the Willow logs you get because of the distance to bank, this isn’t a great money making method but is a good skilling one and lastly Rimmington where you can get a full inventory and then sell it to the General Store there.

Level 60- Yew Trees

Now, this is the best money making method for free players involving Woodcutting.

In this method you must cut Yew trees, a rare type of tree which is popular in high level free players because of the fact that a yew log can be sold for more than 500gp each. Yew Trees are extremely rare and can only be found in some locations in the free part of Runescape. The central places being, near the Grand Exchange, in Edgeville and just outside the front gates of Falador along the Draynor Village path. As I said, this really is the best way of earning money through woodcutting, for free players at least.


Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed my Guide on how free players can earn money by woodcutting, stick to it and you will be able to buy that gold trimmed Rune Armour or whatever it is you are after. Also I will most likely be writing a guide to earning money from woodcutting for Runescape Members so stay tuned and happy moneymaking!-Aurora1.

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