WWE 12 Road to Wrestling Outsider Story Review

Off to the next part of the Road to Wrestlemania. Previous part linked below.


Off to the next part of the Road to Wrestlemania. Previous part linked below.


WWE 12 was pretty good compared to most wrestling games, but perhaps not my favorite wrestling game. Then again, I’ve played a lot of wrestling games in my time, back dating to WWF Royal Rumble and WWF RAW from the Sega Genesis to the holy trinity of N64 Gold that was WCW/NWO Revenge, WWF Wrestlemania 2000, WWF No Mercy to the Fire Pro Wrestling Series of Games to the WWE Day of Reckoning Games to the Smackdown Series to the Smackdown vs. RAW Series to that disappointing TNA video game, and then many more. I don’t consider myself an expert of video gaming, but I know enough. I do consider myself an expert on what I like however and I did like WWE 12.

I did a rather blind play through of this game, not once looking to the Internet and let me tell you, it took me a while to figure certain things out.

Funnily enough, that’s how things were back in the day. Trial and error my friends, trial and error, with no Gamefaqs for us children of the 1990s. Then again, video games were a bit simpler (or rather not as ambitious, because there were a lot of good video games in the glory days of NES, SNES, Genesis, and the like). Then again that likely might have been a good thing, as there are times where video game designers then to get a bit too ambitious for their own good and a bit careless in checking their ambition thus leading to glitches.

Anyway, I’m perhaps a strange one who likes playing the game through without any preconceived notions, but that’s just the way I roll. There are parts in this game that are rather tricky, but some you’ll be just slapping yourself after you figure out and go “duh, why didn’t I think of that at first.”

I find this game to be better than most, but then again, there has really never been a one hundred percent perfect wrestling game. Realism (I know an oxymoron as it pertains to wrestling) is rather tricky. They should have “geek mode” in WWE 13 that is super realistic where wrestlers actually stay down after moves for more than a second and finishers are death unless you’re John Cena, Triple H, or Undertaker and Michael Cole is ten times more obnoxious.

I’ve been rambling, because I’m about ready to talk about my least favorite story on the Road to Wrestlemania for WWE 12.

Road to Wrestlemania Outsider Story WWE 12 Review


Featuring Triple H and Five Million Handicap Brawls.


Keep in mind this is a review and not a guide but there is likely spoilers.

As we left you back on the Villain story, Sheamus had won all of the belts. If this was TNA, he would be God, as belts=power, but since this is WWE, Triple H smites him. You’re now Triple H by the way and you are the new WWE Champion after a scuffle with Sheamus. Triple H is a 16 title champion, which means he’s tied with Ric Flair. Then again, the number of title reigns that Ric Flair truly had can be anywhere from 18-22, as I figured out one time, but that’s another story for another time.

We have the King of the Ring Tournament next, and Triple H, after winning the 1997 Tournament, is now in it. The Miz wants to replace Triple H as the King of Kings. Would that make Michael Cole the King of Queens? Triple H runs through Zack Ryder, Jack Swagger, and Dolph Ziggler, before meeting Miz in the final portion of the RAW bracket, but Miz wins due to help from Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger, who handcuff Triple H to the cage and beat him senseless. He’s out of it.

Flash forward a year later, where Triple H returns to cost the Miz the WWE Championship against Randy Orton. Triple H is back to be greeted by an old friend, who jack knife power bombs him on the floor and promptly vanishes like nothing happen. Maybe a hallucination for all I know, maybe someone slipped something into Triple H’s water bottle. We’ll be saying more of this gentleman however in the next story mode. Beat up Ziggler, and then beat up Zeke and Chavo during their match to show you’re back. So far so good but things are going to take a turn pretty shortly.

Matches against Morrison and Ziggler lead you to the final week of Extreme Rules, and thus we begin the handicap brawls. This time against Dolph Ziggler, Cody Rhodes, and Zack Ryder, the Miz-Fits. Beat them up and then you’re in the title match with Randy Orton and Miz at Extreme Rules. Extreme Rules features the Miz, Orton, and HHH in a three way, where the Miz-Fits interfere, this time in the form of Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler, who handcuff Triple H again. I don’t want to know, do you? Orton keeps the title and Miz is hurt due to the stair steps falling on his legs.

Miz is now in a wheelchair and in the fine tradition of wheelchair bound Smackdown General Managers such as Kurt Angle and Vickie Guerrero, he is the General Manager. Triple H and Edge have a number one contenders match. Then the next week, more handicap brawl joy, against Dolph Ziggler, Cody Rhodes, Jack Swagger, and Dolph Ziggler. You get “help” from Edge, but the Computer AI for your partners in handicap brawls is stupid, so you might as well be fighting with a cinderblock tied to your ankle. More matches, more brawls, and at Over the Limit with Randy Orton, with Dolph Ziggler busts out the handcuffs again.

Something you’d like to tell us Ziggles?

Kane, the newest Miz-fit gets involved, Edge gets involved, match is thrown out.

There are some brawls and Triple Threat matches leading up to Fatal Four Way. Repetitive things being repetitive. Three on one, two on one, and one on one with Kane, but Kane kills you something fierce. Fatal Four Way Match with Edge, Kane, Triple H, and Champion Randy Orton. Edge sneaks in, the ultimate opportunist, and gets the title, joining up with Miz and R-Truth turns on Randy Orton.

We are leading up to Money in the Bank, handicap brawls ahoy! You are thrown in a qualifying match with Randy Orton, which qualifies you for a Money in the Bank Match, which is just a glorified handicap brawl with ladders against the Miz-Fits, but you have infinite signatures and finishers. It turns out the Miz has been faking his injuries, he’s walking, it’s a miracle!

He gets fired as Smackdown General Manager, but in the next Smackdown, Triple H has another handicap brawl but he’s brought backup in a form of a sledgehammer. Took him long enough to figure out that it might be a good idea to carry that thing. He destroys the Miz-Fits, destroying Edge, R-Truth, and then Miz with the sledgehammer. Randy Orton and Triple H tag against Miz and Edge, as all four competitors are in a four way elimination match for the title at Summerslam but the Evolution reunion was not to be as, Triple H is taken out for the RKO.

Hope you’re not sick of handicap brawls, because we got another one, with Randy Orton against four of the Miz-Fits. Then you give Orton his receipt from the previous week. Beat up Miz and then we’re at Summerslam in a Four Way Elimination Match, that is last man standing with Triple H, The Miz, Randy Orton, and defending champion Edge. Get rid of Randy Orton rather easily, and then Edge…tries to spear you through the set sign after the finisher prompt and he flies through when you move, promptly getting vaporized. Needless to say that puts him down for the ten count.

It ends as it begins, with the Miz against Triple H, but we have time for one final handicap brawl, as here come the Miz-Fits once again. Then its down to the final showdown between Triple H and the Miz and if I need to tell you who wins, you haven’t been paying any attention to who this mode focuses on.

So the mode ends with Triple H making an announcement and while this could be far worse, it was one of those modes that dragged a bit and was tedious and repetitive so 4/10 rating for the Outsider Story.

Next it’s the hero mode storyline featuring new superstar. Jacob Cass. Who is voiced by a great man.

Hero Story Review Triond Version: http://gameolosophy.com/games/sports/wwe-12-road-to-wrestlemania-outsider-story-review/
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