Terraria - Best Weapons

Swords: There are three types of swords in the game. Broadswords(more damage, slower swinging speed), Shortswords(less damage, faster swinging speed) and Unique swords(most powerful swords). The best Broadsword is the Light's Bane. It deals 16 damage with fast attack speed. It can be crafted using an anvil from 10 demonite bars. The best shortsword is the Gold Shortsword.

It deals only 11 damage but has a very fast attack speed, which makes it a very good weapon against slow monsters like zombies for example. Unique swords are much more powerful than the two above, though you will not meet them early game. It's very hard to decide which one is the best, because all of them shine in different situations. I will list two of them. The first one is the Phaseblade which is one of the less powerful unique swords, but it possesses a long reach, average attack speed(faster than other uniques) and emits light when swung. Not easy to craft, you will need 20 meteorite bars and 10 gemstones using an Anvil. The other one i would like to mention is added in the latest 1.05 patch, called the Night's Edge. It's base damage is huge(40) and got a large range. These easily compensate for the very slow attack speed. You will need 4 other swords(Light's Bane, Muramasa, Blade of Grass, Fiery Greatsword) to craft it at a Demon Altar, which makes it one of the most expensive weapon in the game.

Spears: Spears are similar to shortswords, but they can be aimed. The best spear at the moment(update 1.05) in the game is the Dark Lance. It deals 27 damage with a range of 4-6 blocks and a possibility to hit multiple enemies. Unfortunately this spear has a very low drop rate and can be found in underworld chests.

Thrown weapons: There are two types of thrown weapons. Ammo based weapons(not returning weapons) and boomerangs(returning). The best ammo based weapon is the Bone. Bones deal 22 damage with a very fast speed. The main drawback is that it's ammo based and not that easy to get(Angry Bones, Burning Skulls and Dark Casters drop them). From the boomerangs my favourite is the Flamarang. To craft it you need 1 Enchanted Boomerang, 15 Hellstone Bars and an Anvil, but it's worth it. It has the best range and most damage(32) comparing to other boomerangs.

Flails: Flails are similar to boomerangs in some way. The most powerful is the Sunfury. It deals 40 damage which is plenty if we consider it can harm multiple enemies with a single attack. This item cannot be crafted, they drop rarely from Bone Serpents and very rare from Skeletons.

Bows: Bows are ranged weapons. Their damage depends on not only the bow but the arrows used with the bow. The best bow in game by far is the Molten Fury. It's base damage is 29, using it with Unholy or Jester's arrows you can reach 36-37 damage respectively. It's crafted from 26 Hellstone bars.

Guns: Guns are ranged weapons, the most powerful is the Star Cannon which fires fallen stars and deals 75 damage. You need 1 Minishark, 20 meteorite bars and 5 Fallen Stars to craft one of these. Also keep in mind that it uses Fallen Stars as ammo. My favourite gun is the Minishark. It's like a minigun, despite of dealing only 5 damage, it's super fast refire rate compensates for this. The Arms Dealer sells it for 50 gold.

Conclusion: I hope you liked my little list of the most useful weapons in the game. If you have never heard of terraria before, it's downloadable via steam.

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