Browser Games or Client Games? - Pros and Cons, Popular MMO Titles, Easy vs. Quality

Browser Gaming vs. Client Gaming - The Ongoing war of Fun and Ease?

If I were to ask you what is important - hassle-free gameplay or quality game play, what would you choose?

Browser Gaming vs. Client Gaming - The Ongoing war of Fun and Ease?

If I were to ask you what is important - hassle-free gameplay or quality game play, what would you choose?

For a lot of people (dare I say the majority of old-time adults), hassle-free game play is the way to go. Why spend hours updating games when something as simple as Pacman, Bubble Shooter, or even Facebook Maplestory can be accessed in a matter of seconds? Other more hardcore gamers would argue Client Gaming is more beneficial in the long run. Sure, you spend half an hour every week updating your game, but Client games sure as hell beat Browser games when it comes to quality!

So what's better: Browser Games or Client Games?

Browser Games - Fast to play, Easy to Access

Why spend hours trying to download your game (and even more hours updating it) when you can just open Internet Explorer and play it in less than a couple of minutes?

The Pros of Browser Gaming


1. Browser Games can be easily accessed

Most Browser games are easy to play, and there's barely any load time. You can simply log on and register (registering shouldn't take more than 30 seconds) and viola! You can now play the game with little interruptions.


Browser Games can be played on Different Platforms

Unlike Client Games where you need a stationary computer in order to play it properly, Browser games are more versatile. You can play Browser Games on almost any platform that allows Browsers - Computers, Laptops, and cellphones. And with the age of Mobile Devices (mainly touchscreen iPads), being able to play a game on the device is one of the key attractions for an everyday tecchy consumer!

3. Browser Games tend to be free

Because Browser Games are easily accessible, Game Developers try to focus on the "free" aspect of gaming, and gain revenue through either in-game membership (Battleon "guardianship", for example), or Ad Revenue (Mainly Google Adsense ads). This benefits the everyday gamer - they have access to the entire game, and can choose whether or not to "amp-up" their gaming experience by playing. On the other hand, Client Games can be very exclusive, and some Client games can only be played by purchasing it (Guild Wars and Final Fantasy XIII online comes to mind).

The Cons of Browser Gaming


1. Browser Games get boring. Fast.

Unfortunately, your gaming experience will probably be substantially less than Client Gaming when it comes to the "fun factor". With today's technology, there is only so much a game can do, AND run efficiently, when played in a Browser. This is why Flash Games aren't developed into full-blown MMOs, and why there's very little good quality MMOs that are Browser Based (Runescape is one of the few games that fits this category).

2. Browser Games are Major Distractions

A Game's biggest asset could also be it's greatest downfall. Because Browser Games are easily accessible, you are more inclined to play the game during a time when you shouldn't. There have been numerous cases of employees playing Browser Games on their cellphone (or other device) in a work environment, and even in meeting rooms!

3. Browser Games have the worst Anti-Hacking Systems

Hackers, Botters, and Scripters LOVE Browser Games because it's so easy to bypass their security systems. Just like how Browser Games can't be technologically advanced, their anti-hacking systems are also very lack-luster. It's very easy to manipulate the script of flash games and MMO Browser Games because the codes are easily accessible.

TLDR Version (Summary)


Easily Accessible
Can be Played on Different Devices
Usually Free

May Get Boring
Very Distracting in Work Environments
Can be Easily Hacked and Scripted
Client Games - High Quality, Fun and Exciting, Addicting!

If you're looking for a game that's worth spending your money on, Client Games is the way to go. Why waste your time on low quality Browser Games when you can immerse yourself in the Client Gaming experience?

The Pros of Client Gaming


1. Client Games are High Quality

Because Client Games are substantially less restricted than Browser Gaming (browser coding vs. massive COMPUTER coding freedom), there's substantially more things that can be done to the game. High quality graphics, more dynamic maneuvers and commands, voice acting, real-time updating, just to name a few.

2. Client Games tend to have a better Community

Client Games are naturally more fun than Browser Games, so consequently there will be much more players. This allows a more Multiplayer experience, more competitive gaming (which I find personally fun), and substantially increases the fun factor. If you think about it, it's better to slay a dragon together with other people than by yourself, no?

3. Client Games win Awards

In all my years of existence, I have NEVER seen a Browser Game win an award over a Client Game. Never. When a Gaming Company wins an award, they consequently get more players and a better reputation. This means more profits in the long run, and more updates and content for the player. As long as the company benefits, the player will usually benefit!

The Cons of Client Gaming


1. Client Games take so Freaking Long to Load!

Playing a Client Game for the first time can be a huge hassle. Depending on your connection (and whether or not you're downloading a client game from the internet), it can take upwards of 3 hours to start playing your game. And, usually, if there are any interruptions like Internet Disconnection or if you have to close your computer, the download progress will corrupt and reset, forcing you to restart that 3 hours of download time. On top of that, you have to spend another 30 minutes to an hour Installing the game.

2. Client Games are only for the tech-savviest of players

Game updates are a normality with Client Games, and sometimes updates may cause corruption and other technical difficulties. If you're a complete newbie to online Gaming or find your computer very foreign to you, Client Gaming can be a huge headache. There are usually tech. support via Emails and Forums, but it can take days to weeks to get your problem solved.

Not only that, but you have to keep up with the updates and keep renewing your hardware. Depending on the game, your gaming platform may become obselete. While I can still play Stickman Arena via Browser on my old 1998 Windows PC, there are no games I can play on it that are client based. Even on my relatively new Laptop which I bought in 2010, I can only play a few online client games because in a matter of a YEAR my laptop was outdated!

3. Client Games are Addicting

Unlike Browser Games where you can have your 10 minute online session and leave, Client Games are harder to let go of. Usually Client Games are real time and involve hardcore community engagement. You can leave a flash game (or even pause it) if you want to, but when it comes to Client Games leaving a session can be more consequential. Even Runescape, one of the biggest (if not the biggest) Browser Games can be easily dismissed by simply logging out.

In addition, Client Games can be very dangerous to your health. Addiction is a very serious thing. A combination of sitting on your computer for 8 hours, spending money on online client stores, and ignoring real life's necessities can really screw you up in the long run.

TLDR Version (Summary)


High Quality
Better Community
Beneficial Content and Game wise
Substantially longer to load
Many Technical Difficulties
Very Addicting
Browser Gaming or Client Gaming? Choose one that's right for you!

Game types are better for different reasons. Play Browser Games if you're the busy type that wants to have fun but not get addicted. Player Client Games if you're going to spend money on gaming, and if you want a true gaming experience.

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