Alien Shooter For PC Game Review (How To Play And Win)

Alien Shooter For PC Game Review (How To Play And Win)

Alien Shooter For PC Game Review (How To Play And Win)

Introduction to the Alien Shooter PC Game
At the start of the game, you'll be given the option whether to be male or female. The male player simply wears black shirt and loose jeans. The female player is dressed like Laura Croft in Angelina Jolie’s ‘Tomb Raider’ with black shorts, knee cap, black sexy tops and black high-cut shoes. The setting of the game is in a wide laboratory with lots of rooms. On the PC screen is a top view of the laboratory. Most rooms and hallway of the laboratory are made without ceiling so a player can get a good view of the surroundings.

There are dead laboratory personnel wearing lab gowns and some dead security personnel in the lab. There are few rooms with ceiling though so you won’t be able to see inside the rooms till you break the walls.

The Shop
After clicking on the chosen player, you'll be given a starting credit of $20. The money can be increased later on. You can buy the equipments that you will need in a certain mission. The equipments to choose from range from drone, rescue bag, night vision, flashlight, green armor, yellow armor, red armor and life.

Just below the list of equipments are the weapons which prices differ according to their usefulness.

1. 9mm pistols – These are the basic weapons for fighting the smaller aliens and for taking out certain materials such as boxes of ammunitions for other weapons. These weapons don’t run out of ammunitions. I don’t have to buy these pistols as these are free.

2. Shotgun – This weapon is ideal for fighting in closed quarters with large group of aliens. The scattering effect of this weapon allows me to several targets at once.

3. Grenade Launcher – This weapon fires high-yield fragmentation that can kill 10 enemies simultaneously. A skilled handler can take the advantage of grenade launcher’s unique properties by taking out enemies from around the corners. I have to be careful with this weapon though because once it is launched, it can destroy me too when I’m too close to the blast.

4. Mini Gun – Due to this weapon’s high rate of fire, the mini gun throws out a stream of depleted uranium that can cut through an enemy’s body.

5. Rocket Launcher – This weapon fires high explosive missiles and is very ideal for eliminating hard targets.

6. Freeze Rifle – This weapon can freeze a group of enemies before they can get a chance to attack.

7. Plasma Rifle – This is a plasma-based weapon that throws green laser-like beam. This is the most powerful single-shot weapon in the game.

8. Flame Thrower – This is a very old weapon but still very effective in destroying monsters by burning them.

9. Magma Mini Gun – This weapon has maximum destructive power and is the most expensive in the shop.

The purchased weapons appear in the left side of the screen. If I want to change weapons, I have to press their corresponding numbers. If I feel like using the Plasma Rifle, I have to press the number 7 in my keyboard.

The Missions

Mission 1 – Penetrating
In this starting mission, I have to infiltrate the laboratory and discover the reasons behind the disaster that took place in the building. The main entrance to the building is blocked so I have to find an alternative point of access.
Mission 2 – The Beginning
I have to find out why the communication is lost within the laboratory. The power has been cut to the second level so I need to locate the power supply and somehow repair the malfunction. I have to purchase a flashlight or a night vision device before proceeding to this level.
Mission 3 – The Disaster
Hordes of monsters are roaming freely in the lab and killed all the attending personnel inside. The monsters are growing and will soon threaten to destroy humanity. I must find the cause of this disaster and destroy all monsters that I encounter.
Mission 4 – Sabotage
I have to find out the reason behind the high population of monsters in the lab and sanitize the area. Intelligence report indicates that the creatures are invading this area from holes in the walls. I have to locate the explosives, destroy the holes and eliminate the creatures.
Mission 5 – The capture
I have to go deeper to the middle levels of the base to clear the research lab. My aim is to prevent the monsters’ mutations. Chemical substance in the base causes the monsters to mutate. The patrol says that they have found new types of monsters which are hard to kill and are more aggressive.
Mission 6 – New Threat
I must clear the military storehouses of monsters that contain samples of weaponry in this level. Creatures seem to appear more evolved and they can build their own weapons.
Mission 7 – Wall of Fire
I need to go to the secret levels of the laboratory after clearing the storehouses and prevent the existence of new alien clones. Monsters continue to grow in this level and they clone themselves.
Mission 8 – The Trap
When the laboratory was built, there was a device installed that can destroy a large number of creatures. I have to find the device and use it to destroy the monsters.
Mission 9 – Critical Impact
I am entering the last levels of the laboratory complex. This part of the building seems to be where the infestation originates. I have to find the creatures and destroy them. Monsters are getting harder to kill in this level.
Mission 10 – The Prison
The monsters in this final level have security systems. They are defended by powerful energy fields. To destroy the monsters, I must first find the generators and destroy them.

Game Play
After choosing the player and buying equipments and weapons, the actual game starts. The laboratory is fenced with barbed wires. I can’t pass through the gate so I have to make an entry through the fence’s big hole. The automatic front door of the laboratory won’t open up so I have to shoot at the slightly cracked wall to get in then the real action begins. The lab is dark but not too dark that I can see aliens attacking me. I have to find the power switch as I shoot the enemies. That explains why the front door didn’t automatically open when I tried to get in earlier. The power switch is pointed by a large red arrow. Once the power switch is on, I can get a good view of the lab as the lights are turned on and the automatic doors start working.

The equipments, weapons and ammunitions can be acquired for free at the course of the game as I shoot some crates whilst some are readily available in the path. Blowing up generators becomes necessary to disable security laser beams that block my way. If I come across slightly cracked walls, it means that there’s something hidden behind them so I have to fire at the walls to see what is in store for me. It can be a high-powered gun, an additional life or it can be a group of monsters ready to attack me so I have to step back before shooting at the walls. I can plant dynamite and blow it up when the enemies become too many to handle. A maximum of 5 lives is allowed for a player throughout the entire game.

One full life is equivalent to 110 points as shown in the left lower part of the screen. However, when I am lucky enough to get a ‘mega life’, 100 points is added to my life points. Each bite I get from a single monster deducts 4 points from my life points and when I am simultaneously bitten by a group of monsters, I’ll be dead. If I’m lucky enough to survive after being bitten, the points will be retrieved when I get a ‘health pack’ along the way.

There are implants to be acquired along the way whilst I struggle to survive in the game. Red implants are genetically -engineered implants that raise my life points. The Blue implants boost my strength and eventually increase my stamina which allow me to carry more weapons. Yellow implants give me energy to move faster than usual and make me more powerful. The enemies will have a hard time catching me then. Green implants increase my accuracy in hitting my targets due to these implants' bioenergetic impulses. A maximum of 3 implants is allowed in each colour category for a player.

The control is actually very easy. Right-clicking the mouse leads me (the shooter) to where the mouse is dragged. It’s pretty cool that I can shoot in the opposite direction to which I am running. Clicking the left button of the mouse enables me to shoot. I actually find it awkward use left and right buttons simultaneously to shoot and run. A good alternative is to use the left button of the mouse to shoot and use the arrow keys for the movements. AWSD keys can also be used for the movements instead of the arrow keys.


The layout of the Alien Shooter PC Game is just pixel art and there are no 3D card effects. Everything displays old-style graphics but it is actually good. It has lively sound effects with its combination of metal and techno sound. Each killed alien leaves messy blood on the floor. Considering there are actually over hundreds of monsters in the game, you just can imagine the blood that almost covers the whole floor area. However, for those who find it gross seeing too much blood, its colour can be changed from red to green. Aliens in some movies shed green blood so it looks a bit realistic though.

Alien Shooter is not much of a ‘thinking ‘ game and it doesn’t need much use of strategies. The aim is to kill the aliens and stay alive throughout the course of the game. I don’t have to look for monsters as they are made very aggressive in attacking me. All I need to do is just keep on shooting and keep from being bitten by them. It’s the kind of game that lets me play effectively whilst planning what to cook for dinner. It is actually more of an ‘eye’ game. The downside of this Alien Shooter PC game is its unchanged scenery and setting. Throughout the 10 missions, I shoot the monsters in the same building and shop for the same equipments and weapons.  

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